When it comes time to sell your property in Mexico one of the most important things to consider is which agency and agent to use for the sale of your property. Choosing a respected agency that is part of A.M.P.I, NAR, MLS, with licensed real estate agents is a good place to start. A company that meets all of these requirements will give you the peace of mind that you are working with professionals who are held accountable by these agencies and licensing boards.

We believe that choosing an agency and agent who will work hard on your behalf is paramount to getting your property sold. A good agency/agent will open as many avenues as possible to find the right buyer for your property, having all paperwork in order for the closing of the property, knowing the local market to get the best price for your property, staging the property so it looks the best it can for potential buyers, taking great photos for advertising your property, being able to contract and handle offers in a way the facilitates a smooth, fast, and secure closing, and keep in contact with the seller throughout the selling process. This is what a good listing agent does and this is why they are successful in the business.

How to Choose the Right Agent/Agency

  • Meet as many Agents/Agencies as possible
  • Make sure the Agency and Agents are licensed.
  • Make sure the agency is an actual business with permission to practice real estate in Baja California Sur.
  • Make sure the Agency is a member of the MLS
  • Ask for a detailed outline of how they will market your property.
  • Discuss how they have priced your property. And see if they are in line with your ideas of the price you are looking for.
  • Ask for references from past clients
  • Ask about Capital Gains taxes. (a good agent will be able to guide you through this even though they do not calculate them)

Once you have settled on an agency you will need to sign an exclusivity agreement between yourself and the agency. In this agreement there should be a few items to pay attention to.

  • How long is the exclusivity for? Make sure the contract is a period of time you are comfortable with.
  • Are there any penalties for breaking the contract? What are the penalties?
  • How often will the property be shown, are there specific days of the week it will be shown
  • Will the home be staged?
  • If there is a renter in the home what are the conditions for the renters lease should you sell the home.
  • What documents are needed for the sale of the property? Make sure you have these documents
  • The sale price
  • The Tax and fedeicomiso numbers are correct
  • The address is correct
  • Who pays for the marketing of the property? Where will it be marketed?
  • The commission amount.

Once you have received an offer that suits you it is time to finalize a binding agreement between the parties. We always suggest a promise to trust agreement that will cover all the stages of the closing. The Buyers agent should present this to you and should include the following items.

  • The dates of the closing,
  • The earnest money deposits,
  • The escrow accounts (this is also a different contract)
  • The commission amounts, splits and payouts
  • Any items included in the sale
  • The names of the attorney if one is used
  • The closing company if one is used
  • The notary
  • The names of the agencies ( if there are two) and Agents
  • Any conditions or penalties for breaking the contract.
  • Any other condition for the sale
  • Payment instructions for commissions and Capital Gains

There are a lot of factors involved in selling a property in Baja California Sur and we at Baja Realty Executives are a well trained and experienced team to do so. Please Contact us to set up an appointment to see your property for sale and lets us help you sell your property.